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6 Types of Tile For Your Home

Aug 20

When you're looking for ideas for style, you've probably seen thousands of stunning examples of tiled powder rooms, toilets, or master baths and you've wondered what the reason is for all of these tile designs and options and which one is the most appropriate for your bathroom. 

Thus, we give you the 6 types of tile and granite san jose you can find in San Jose tile storesLet's look into why tile for bathrooms is the best option and the many kinds of tiles made.


If you enter any San Jose tile stores, your first impression will be of numerous flooring options and tile displays. Most likely, you are familiar with the most well-known varieties of tiles like porcelain tile or ceramic tiles. But which one should you choose?

Ceramic Tile

Since it's a viable option for many different uses ceramic tile is an incredibly versatile and well-liked option for tiles in home renovation projects. The affordability and durability of ceramic make it the best choice for every space within your home, which includes the kitchen, bathroom and even the front entryway. Glazed ceramic tiles offer more protection from stains and damage when compared to carpet, wood as well as vinyl plank floors.

Porcelain Tile

Porcelain is an exceptional example made of ceramic tiles. It is made up of a higher proportion of quartz and silica, and fired or baked at an elevated temperature that makes porcelain tiles more robust (and typically more costly) in comparison to their clay red counterparts. A variety of colors and patterns makes porcelain tile chameleon kinds. The tiles are etched, polished, and texturized, porcelain tiles may appear like hardwood planks, costly marble as well as industrial bricks. Remember that any DIY project that involves an installation process for porcelain tiles may cause some headaches because the tile is stronger and more durable material than ceramic. It also requires a specific device such as a diamond blade wet saw.

Subway Tile Backsplash

If you're looking to enhance the appearance of your kitchen or shower, tiles for the bathroom can accomplish the task even on a limited budget. Rectangular subway tiles have gained popularity over the past few years as the most popular tile design for backsplashes. Subway tiles are simple to alter using a variety of designs, giving a sense of the depth of style to any space. Because they are more neutral in form and design subway tiles are a great match with minimalist or intricate interiors.

Glass Tile

Glass tiles with sparkle are an attractive option for backsplash or shower tiles. As compared to other tiles glass tiles, glass tiles have the highest levels of stain resistance. They are also impermeable to citrus juice which is acidic. The tiles are susceptible to a number of disadvantages glass tile is relatively easy to chip and crack when an object is dropped on them. This product is best suited for walls.

Marble Tile

It is often regarded as to be one of the more costly natural stone tiles, marble is a beautiful and bold option since it has a certain style and sophistication that is difficult to duplicate when compared to other materials. It is deeply veined by the natural lines of minerals, it was made under extreme pressure and heat and is able to withstand the heat and stress of daily life very well. Perhaps no other tile is able to elevate the appearance of a room as dramatically as much as marble tile. The natural stone offers amazing depth and contrast, showing the most stunning array of colors and veining. It can be found in a variety of shades, including green beige, gray, black, white, and numerous others. If you are considering marble slabs or tiles ensure that you inspect the surface for rough spots because these might require additional protection against staining due to their porous nature.

Granite Tile

With its natural-looking scattered flecks of color that are encased into the stone, granite is a natural stone tile that is used in countertops as well for flooring. Granite is a lot harder than marble, making it less susceptible to chipping and cracks. Being relatively water-proof and durable, granite is ideal for wet countertops or areas, since it is not able to absorb water or stains. Most often, it is found in larger slabs, granite isn't an ideal material for those who pinch pennies or those who are budget-conscious.


After sharing all these amazing tile options with you, what began as a simple bathroom renovation has turned into an endless checklist of projects for home improvements that you want to complete! We are professional San Jose countertop granite especialists and installers who can assist you in completing the list you have! If you decide to add a chic ceramic backsplash tile or choose to install durable granite bathroom floor tiles, Knowing this information regarding the various types of tile and the best ways to use tile can provide you with a head start in creating your ideal interior.

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