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O'Guin Wellness Shares Benefits of Chiropractic Therapy in St. Louis

Jul 26

St. Louis, MO—Visiting a chiropractor is a great idea for a variety of reasons, and there are many things to consider before choosing one. Chiropractic consultation is similar to a standard medical intake, with questions about your health history and your symptoms. Our chiropractors at O’Guin Wellness will ask you to fill out a health questionnaire and may ask you to mark any areas of discomfort on a body drawing. After determining your specific needs, our chiropractors will perform a physical exam.


A chiropractor's skills are vastly different from those of a physical therapist. Physical therapists focus on the movement of soft muscles, while chiropractors concentrate on the musculoskeletal and nervous systems. A chiropractor can correct these disorders using hands-on manipulation. A chiropractor's training will depend on your particular condition and health history. Talk with your doctor to find out if a chiropractor is the right course of treatment for you.


Chiropractic treatment has many benefits for athletes. While sports are quite fun, they can also result in bodily injury. Chiropractic care can speed up the healing process and reduce pain and speed recovery. Chiropractic care helps athletes avoid further injury and improve recovery times and reduce the chance of additional problems. There are many benefits to sports chiropractic care, and you should ask your chiropractor about it today! Here are some of the top reasons to come see our chiropractors at O’Guin Wellness. And remember that the treatment can be tailored to fit your lifestyle and your athletic goals.


Chiropractic care helps to relieve pressure on nerves throughout the body by realigning joints. Chiropractors perform adjustments to correct vertebrae alignment, which decreases pressure on nerves that run through the spine. When vertebrae become misaligned, they pinch these nerves, causing back pain. A chiropractor may also recommend massage therapy to relax tight muscles and help them heal. And the best part about chiropractic care is that it doesn't involve surgery, so it's a safe, effective way to relieve back pain and symptoms.


Many people visit our chiropractic practice for lower back pain. The pain can be excruciating or have needle-like symptoms, such as a burning or pricking sensation. Whether your back pain is acute or chronic, chiropractic therapy can help you avoid surgery and enjoy better health. Our chiropractors can even perform neurological examinations to determine how your nerves function. If your pain persists, our chiropractors may be able to help you get back to the life you've always dreamed of.


O’Guin Wellness chiropractors provide many services and kinds of chiropractic therapy, including but not limited to adjustments, spinal decompression, myofascial release, acupuncture, stretching, cupping, and percussive massage. Our chiropractors will work closely with you to determine which treatments you will need to see the best results for your body, and will never prescribe erroneous, supernumerary, or otherwise unnecessary treatment. Don’t delay your new life, call O’Guin Wellness today and schedule an appointment with our top chiropractic physicians.


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